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EPLAN Electric P8

EPLAN Electric P8 is a computer aided engineering (CAE) software solution for designing, documenting and managing electrical engineering automation projects. At 81346 eLab we provide consultancy on EPLAN Electric P8 functionality, especially project master data, project structure, 2D macros, terminals, connections, plugs, cables, controller overview, parts management, revision management, settings, and translation.

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EPLAN Pro Panel

EPLAN Pro Panel is a CAE software solution for configuring and verifying enclosures and switch gears in 3D including the provision of data for material logistics and production integration. At 81346 eLab we are experts in providing consultancy on EPLAN Pro Panel functionality, especially creating 3D macros, virtual routing, wire termination, heat calculations, drilling patterns, connection point patterns, and accessory placement.

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EPLAN Fluid is a CAE software solution for designing and documenting fluid plants in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling, and lubrication. We are users of EPLAN Fluid and can help with symbols and circuit diagrams.

EPLAN Data Portal

EPLAN Data Portal is an integrated, web-based data platform for the provision of up-to-date device data of leading component manufacturers. When working on your project, 81346 eLab will use this platform to correctly configure data with EPLAN software solutions.

EPLAN Pre-­Planning

EPLAN Pre-Planning is a CAE software solution for the technical pre-planning of machines and plants. The software supports graphical and database working methods with data transfer to the detailed planning. Individual system configuration allows flexible customisation to established engineering processes. We are experienced to discuss EPLAN Pre-Planning functionality and implementation that brings a new level of efficiency.